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26 January 2017

The Blush Ruffled Top

adjective  ro·man·tic  \rō-ˈman-tik, rə-\

It is not a secret that I am a big enthusiast for everything blush, rose gold, glitter as well as a big romantic at heart and this charming ruffled blouse is exposing all of this in the broad light. 

As some of my good friends from France payed me a visit in London we went to Primark for their shopping purpose. Usually, the very rare times that I decide to go to Primark it is only if I am planning to purchase cheap but cute home decor or for their loungewear section as I love their pyjamas and sleepers selections but this time, as I was -literally- dragging myself to follow my friends among the crowded store of Marble Arch I stumbled across the loveliest blouse of the entire place that happens to me the one I am wearing on these photos. 

I had a massive crush on the ruffles that are sprinkling all over the collar and the chest of the blouse and an even bigger crush on its delicate sleeves. This blouse just simply reminds me of vintage fashion and smell elegance and glamour to me.

I will definitely be rocking it more often in Spring with a flattering midi skirt to create a ladylike and feminine outfit.

Blouse : Primark // Ring : New Look // Ring : Primark // Watch : Fossil


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